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Nobody likes a spoiler. A spoiler is the movie critic who tells you that when "The Sixth Sense"'s Anna Crowe is enjoying an anniversary dinner with her husband, Dr. Malcolm Crowe, she is really dining alone. A spoiler informs you that M. Night Shyamalan's "Village" exists in our own time. Then there's the political spoiler, the guy who has no chance of winning a political contest but whose entry into a race undercuts the chances for someone's favorite. In 1992, Ross Perot did not win a single state's electoral votes, but may have thrown the election to Bill Clinton, to the dismay of Republicans who got their revenge in 2000 when Ralph Nader's candidacy did nothing substantial for Nader, but may have handed the election to George Bush. Perot and Nader served as spoilers but in their cases, only some were heartstricken.

Nader's political ideology is closer to that of the Democratic Party than to the party's right-wing opponents, so was he unreasonable in giving the shaft to Mr. Gore? I think he was. He thinks not. Why not? Nader believes that both major parties are in bed with the corporations: tweedledum and tweedledee. This has been the gripe of Americans for ages. But whatever the truth or otherwise, there are other issues that have drawn the parties far apart, many of them social: abortion; stem cell research; gay marriage; flag burning; while others are economic: tax cuts for the rich, for example. Ralph Nader, who has done immeasurable good for our country without ever holding elective public office (maybe that's why) has been responsible for launching idealistic groups called Nader's Raiders responsible for consumer protection legislation. The public knows Nader best for pushing for laws requiring auto manufacturers to install seat belts and air bags in all vehicles.


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