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This two-hour documentary directed by Henriette Mantel and Steve Skrovan depicts this idealistic crusader for justice as a man whose entire life has been animated by "values of the spirit." He grew up in a small Connecticut town where his father taught him that he could make a difference in the world by fighting City Hall. After graduating from Harvard Law School, he became well known for his investigations of the U.S. auto industry's complicity in the many deaths because of faulty designs and the lack of safety equipment. His muckraking work, Unsafe at Any Speed, came out in 1965 and resulted in many needed changes. In addition, he won an invasion of privacy settlement from General Motors which funded the beginning of his many investigations into corporate and governmental wrongdoing.

The filmmakers present the positive efforts of Nader's Raiders, as his team came to be known, and Nader's own unstinting devotion to working for consumer's rights. His full-speed ahead agenda came to a screeching halt when Ronald Reagan become President. Nader's criticism of the two-party system appealed to citizens who were able to see that both Republicans and Democrats are proxies for big business who have given away the country to corporations through tax breaks, deregulation, privatization, subsidies, and limitations on law suits. Nader believes that a viable third party is desperately needed in America to keep the other two parties honest.


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