The Hill: Nader's 'Unreasonable' and Redemptive Journey
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Two words can still make Democrats fume and Republicans gloat, even six years after the 2000 election: Ralph Nader.

But die-hard donkeys and red-state elephants may be surprised to learn that the three-time third-party presidential spoiler and lifelong consumer advocate is a more complex figure than his portrayal in the mainstream media suggests. Nader's Shakespearean inner conflicts are on full display in the compelling documentary "An Unreasonable Man," which opens at Landmark's E Street cinema later this week.

Nader's clashes with corporations are central to his political legend, triggering his first battle with Democrats during their Reagan-era fascination with K Street fundraising under former House Majority Whip Tony Coelho (Calif.). Yet for Nader - who declined to ease up on Coelho, later the manager of Vice President Al Gore's 2000 campaign - the crusade against abusive industries began long before he founded the watchdog group Public Citizen.


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