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Ralph Nader is such an unreasonable man. His dreams are unreasonable, his political aspirations are unreasonable even the length of this documentary is slightly unreasonable, but that doesn't make "An Unreasonable Man" any less interesting.

Before "An Unreasonable Man," I thought Ralph Nader was just that silly Green Party candidate that everyone loved to hate. Little did I realize that because of Nader's work in the '60s and '70s, we now have seat belts, air bags and the Environmental Protection Agency. The Atlantic Monthly listed Nader among one of the 100 most influential Americans. Directors Henriette Mantel and Steve Skrovan make sure to let every side speak in this very thorough documentary, from Nader supporters such as Pat Buchanan and Phil Donahue to Nader hater Eric Alterman.

The film dwells for a mere few moments on Nader's childhood, just enough to show us where he came from and why he is the way he is. His father would ask him, "Ralph, what did you learn in school today? Did you learn how to believe or did you learn how to think?" That quote obviously was one that truly mattered and caused Nader to spend the past 40 years attempting to better the United States.


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