Austin American Statesman: 'Unreasonable Man' Shows an Unwavering Nader
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Taking its title from a George Bernard Shaw quote (about how reasonable men adapt to the world, and therefore never change anything), "An Unreasonable Man" offers a portrait in which Ralph Nader's great virtue and tragic flaw are exactly the same thing: a complete unwillingness to bend.

There's a great deal of debate, of course, as to whether that flaw is tragic only for Nader personally (his rigidity has cost him many friends), or for his causes (which some suggest could get further these days with more diplomatic leaders), or for the nation (as a certain breed of Democrat would have it). The film offers arguments on all sides, but in the end insists that the man's achievements mustn't be overshadowed by whatever effect he did or didn't have in the 2000 presidential election.


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