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Too vicarish and monomaniacal for mainstream politics, Ralph Nader is a gadfly for the ages whose greatest strengths as an outsider yapping at the heels of big business and big government - he's honest and upright to a fault, tenacious as a terrier, and unshakable in his vision - also proved to be his greatest weaknesses when he stepped back into the Beltway. If we have Nader to thank for consumer protections, from seat belts (his relentless pursuit of General Motors makes Michael Moore look like an amateur) to the news that hot dogs are missiles of death, we're also still picking up the pieces from his two quixotic presidential runs. Though bookended by indignant Democrats (including an amusingly apoplectic Todd Gitlin) pissed off by what they see as Nader's rivolous candidacy, Henriette Mantel and Steve Skrovan's warmly hagiographic documentary (an oddly solemn one, coming from two standup comedians) circles all too gingerly around the question of whether Nader was a spoiler who siphoned off votes from Al Gore. Still, they give us an entertaining tour of this endearing, infuriating absolutist's life and legacy, guided by talking heads more


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