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That would be Ralph Nader, who, as portrayed by this understated yet hugely engaging documentary, actually seems to be one of the few reasonable public figures left in America. Beginning with his watchdog tussles with the auto industry in the 1960s specifically General Motors, who had him followed the litany of Nader's triumphs over corporate greed on behalf of the American consumer is staggering. From seatbelts to nutritional labeling to the Clean Air Act, Nader's legislative record is far more impressive than any politician working today. And this, it turns out, is the problem: Nader is no politician. Beginning with his freeze-out by the Reagan Administration, the last third of the doc chronicles Nader's unfortunate engagement with traditional politics, specifically his choice to run for the presidency in 2000 and 2004. Before seeing this film I was one of many in the progressive chorus who blamed Nader for eight years of Bush Doctrine (along with Nation columnist Eric Alterman, who here gets front and center whinge-time), but after just a glimpse of the overzealous way in which Democrats attacked Nader, I cant help but wonder if there isn't enough blame to go around for everyone.


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