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The announcement that Ralph Nader was running for president again in 2004 was met by many with a "Ugh! Not again," often followed by, "Who the hell is Ralph Nader anyway?" An Unreasonable Man, released simultaneously in theaters and on-demand to cable subscribers, attempts to remind us who Nader was before he became known primarily as the scapegoat for George W. Bush's presidential "victory" in 2000.

The first hour is so stuffed with the details of a lifetime of achievements and gushing accolades from a career of consumer advocacy that it could pass for a long-form political ad for a future campaign. Co-directed by one time Nader's Raider Henriette Mantel, the film is filled with former underlings exhorting on Nader's brilliant career as a "professional citizen." They describe his taking on the auto industry as a young man, ultimately leading to seatbelts and airbags becoming standard features in all automobiles.


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