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Steve Skrovan voted for Al Gore in 2000. Four years later, he voted for Ralph Nader.

What changed during President Bush's first term?

Skrovan began making a documentary about Nader, the consumer crusader now widely characterized as a political spoiler.

"I'm not some wild-eyed radical who came to this," said Skrovan, 50, who grew up outside Cleveland. "I'm this guy who is a middle-of-the-road kind of person."

Skrovan also wasn't a documentary filmmaker before he took on "An Unreasonable Man," which will be screened next week at the Guild Cinema in Nob Hill. He and co-director Henriette Mantel were old pals from the stand-up comedy circuit back in the '80s. Skrovan went on to win a couple of Emmys writing for TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond," and, a few years ago, he was looking for ideas for a production deal he had earned.

He remembered how Mantel used to tell stories about her days working for Nader on behalf of consumers in the late '70s. He had always kicked around the idea of a sitcom centered around the offices of a public-interest group and had even written a pilot.

But as time went on, the idea of a documentary about Nader grew.

"I put the pilot in my pocket . . . and the documentary took on a life of its own," Skrovan recalled.


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