Henriette Mantel
Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Henriette Mantel is a writer, actress and stand-up comic. She has extensive experience in documentary and reality television as a writer/producer on such shows as the Emmy Award winning "The Osbournes", and Michael Moore's "The Awful Truth." She won her first Emmy for writing on "Win Ben Stein's Money". Most recently she was a consultant for HBO's "The Comeback" and co-authored the book "Speedbumps: Flooring It Through Hollywood" with Teri Garr. As an actress, Henriette has appeared in many feature films and television comedies. In the late 1970s, before deciding to spend her life in smoky comedy clubs and cramped writers' rooms, she spent two years in Washington, DC, working with Ralph Nader at his Center for the Study of Responsive Law.

Steve Skrovan
Writer, Director, Executive Producer, Steve Skrovan has worked as a stand-up comedian and TV comedy writer for twenty-five years. He has written for many shows, most notably, "Seinfeld" and for the past nine years "Everybody Loves Raymond," where he was an executive producer. He graduated with a BA in English from Yale University in 1979. "An Unreasonable Man" is his first film.

Kevin O'Donnell
Producer, Kevin O'Donnell feels awkward about writing a bio. He has worked on such hit television shows as Ellen, Party of Five, The Drew Carey Show, and Everybody Loves Raymond but knows that producing a film that has been accepted at Sundance is a really big deal and hopefully good for his career.

Alexis Provost
Editor, Alexis Provost received her Bachelor's Degree from UC Berkeley in Media Literacy after which she spent a year in San Francisco working with CellSpace, an artists' collective, encouraging community involvement and participation. Her interest in filmmaking led her back to Los Angeles where she tried her hand at publicity, helping to promote the award-winning documentary "Sunset Story." She also had a staff position at an editorial facility and is thrilled to co-edit "An Unreasonable Man" and be in on the process of storytelling in the documentary form. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and two great cats.

Beth Gallagher
Editor, Beth Gallagher has edited a variety of documentary and non-fiction programs for over twenty years. She came to The Unreasonable Man with the editing well underway; its structure and story were already taking shape. Rather than being the other editor on the film, Gallagher, with her ability to "communicate" with two high-spirited and strong willed directors at the same time, became the film whisperer! She received an Emmy for Best Documentary Editor in 2003 for her work on BIG SUR: CALIFORNIA'S WILD COAST. Her first Emmy Award Nomination was in 1996 for SINATRA: 80 YEARS MY WAY.

Joe Kraemer
Composer, Joe Kraemer is a film composer and singer-songwriter who resides in Los Angeles. Scores include THE WAY OF THE GUN, THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (NBC), FRAMED (TNT), THE HITCHER 2, HOUSE OF THE DEAD: DEAD AIM, HARD GROUND, THE TRAIL TO HOPE ROSE, the MYSTERY WOMAN series for Hallmark Channel, and RALPH NADER: AN UNREASONABLE MAN. Kraemer has also produced and stars in MONDAY, a feature film screening at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2006. He is married to writer/director Heidi Van Lier.

Ryan Nellis, Eyelumination Studio, www.eyelumination.com Motion Graphics, Ryan Nellis is the founder of Eyelumination, a design, effects and animation production studio. Creating the wide range of support visuals for "An Unreasonable Man" was a tremendous honor for Ryan and his digital artists.


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